When a loved one passes away, it's always a difficult and emotional time, and to further complicate things, someone inevitably has to deal with their assets and debts they owed at the time they passed away.

You may have to apply for Probate if you are a named executor in somebody's Will.  Probate is a legal document giving you authority to execute the Will, and share out their estate in accordance with their instructions.   

In most situations the executors will be family members and friends.  Some people may choose to appoint a Professional Executor, particularly if an estate is complex, as it can prove to be extremely time consuming completing paperwork and dealing directly with the Probate Registry.  It is not a legal requirement to act as executor, even if you are the only executor specified in a Will. 

If someone owned a property at the time they passed away, then invariably Probate will be required in order to deal with their Estate.  Even if they didn't own a house probate is often required to deal with any bank accounts, savings or investments that they may have owned.

Probate can be a difficult and time consuming process, as it not only requires preparing an Oath to be sworn before an independant Solicitor, but also requires oftentimes complex inheritance tax paperwork to be prepared.

As a regulated Law Firm, Goodwills specialises in dealing with Probate in a timely and professional manner, and for very competitive fees.  We offer a range of different services, as follows:

A simple Grant of Probate service, which will allow you, as an Executor, to sell your loved one's home.  We are also able to deal with the sale of the property, if you wish us to do so.

A Grant of Probate and Assent service, which will allow you to transfer the Property into the Beneficiaries' names....

And a Full Estate Administration service.
When we carry out a Full Estate Administration, we will write to all account /asset holders, everyone to whom the deceased owed liabilities and also HMRC / DWP.  Once we have establishes the relevant figures, we will prepare the Grant of Probate and Inheritance Tax paperwork on your behalf.  Finally, once the Grant has been obtained, we will collect in all of the deceased's assets and pay off any liabilities, before distributing the Estate to the end Beneficiaries.

Regardless of whether or not Probate is required, we are always happy to give general guidance and so, if you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Goodwills provide a fixed fee service, at low cost. 

 Simple Grant of Probate Service

Grants of Probate and Assent Service

Full Estate Administration Service

Professional Executorship