Goodwills can provide a storage and amendments service for your Will, for a very competitive annual fee. 

This service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your Will, and other documents shall be kept safe, in our fire proof facility.  It is very common for Wills kept at home to be lost, or never found by the Executors, so storing the Will in our facility is highly recommended. 

The other significant advantage of the storage and amendments services is that should you wish to update or amend your Will, this can be done for no extra charge.  There are many times when a Will might need to be updated, such as if you marry, have children, or your relationship breaks down, etc., so the service can also prove to save substantial amounts of money over time.

We currently store around 10,000 Wills and documents for our customers, who use this important service to ensure their documents are not lost or damaged.

Goodwills can also provide important services such as Professional Executorship, and Probate services for a very reasonable fee, or just some free guidance at the time of death, should your family or Beneficiaries need it.