Our Wills are drafted by professional and legally qualified personnel, bespoke to each client, and low cost.



Our customers can choose to include Trusts within their Will, which can protect your Estate and property from third party creditors, such as care home fees.

There are a range of Trusts available to include in your Will, if you require, including Children's Trusts, Guardianship provisions, Property Trusts and Disabled Persons Trusts.

We are also able to draft and provide freestanding Trusts, as a regulated law firm.  Home Protection Trusts help protect your home from third party creditors and are beneficial in avoiding Probate, which means that your Beneficiaries avoid what can sometimes be a long, drawn out and costly process. 

What Happens if there is no Will ?

If somebody passes away without having a correctly drafted Will ('Intestate') the Estate is then subject to complex Rules of Intestacy.  This can mean that the outcome is sometimes undesired and far from your wishes, should estranged relatives inherit your Assets, or challenge your Estate.  Family disputes and claims or challenges, from children, or a former spouse / partner, for example, can result in high legal costs which are often avoidable should a correctly drafted Will have been drawn up. 

We also offer an Exclusion Service, which means that any excluded beneficiary can be mentioned in a Will, and the reasons for their Exclusion specified in a properly drafted, separate Letter of Explanation.  This provides a more robust defence against any claim by an Excluded beneficiary, which gives you peace of mind and greatly reduces the risk of your Will being successfully challenged after your death.

A Will is an important legal document which needs to be correctly and accurately drafted to be valid and effective, which will prevent such challenges and disputes, and undesired outcomes from occurring.  An incorrectly drafted Will can result in a worst situation than having no Will at all!

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